Leadership for the New Era
Top 3 Leadership Skills CEOs Need to Drive Success

Tuesday, January 31, 2023 at 10am PT / 1pm ET

The leadership of yesterday is no longer adequate to help us meet today’s new and ever-changing demands.

In just the last 2 years…

The business landscape has jet-propelled us forward to an environment we predicted wouldn’t occur for at least another 10-15 years. Even so, many courageous leaders rose to the top and not only met change, but moved out in front of change, to drive success.

Studies show that these leaders hold 3 key leadership traits and competencies. 

In this Masterclass, you’ll learn what skills to hone in on to not only revamp your leadership skills but to reposition how you show up for your team to reach unshakable results in 2023.

Join the industry's leading CEO thought partner, Patti Cotton, for a powerful, free Masterclass designed to show CEOs how to accelerate their success.

In this 60-minute Masterclass you’ll learn:

How to Accelerate Your Results

Gain a new perspective of your leadership style and identify at least one critical shift you can make to accelerate your results.

How to Increase Stakeholder Engagement and Outcomes

Learn how to effectively combine confidence and receptivity to increase stakeholder engagement and outcomes.

How to Motivate Your Teams and Unlock Powerful Synergy 

Hone in on the best ways to leverage context to motivate your teams and unlock powerful synergy.

Patti Cotton

Meet Your Masterclass Leader

Patti Cotton, MA, MAOD, PCC, president of Cotton Group, LLC, is a leader and proven business strategist whose background includes more than 25 years of multicultural experience around the globe working with start-ups, fast-growth, and Fortune 100 companies such as Amazon, Apple, Google, Verizon, Coca-Cola, and Morgan Stanley – to name a few.

With her unique perspectives and proprietary methodology, Patti is able to unlock incredible levels of growth, synergy, innovation, and collaboration with the CEO-level clients that she works with. Best known for helping business owners and their teams to vision, plan and break through those roadblocks holding them back, she has single handedly propelled million dollar companies into billion-dollar industry powerhouses.

Her core speciality is centered in leadership development for emerging and experienced decision-makers, business ownership initiatives, organizational audits and assessments, strategic planning and visioning, and national and international corporate partnerships.