Exceptional Executives, Are You Still Playing It Small?

Patti Cotton and her team work primarily with professionals who are key decision-makers in corporate and business owner settings.  These executives are considered highly successful – but they secretly know they are capable of more.  And they are ready to go after it and get it.  But how?

If you’re like most professionals, you face a point in your career where you realize you have more to contribute.  You are ready to step up to the next level in your personal leadership, or to design your next significant professional chapter.  And you are willing to confront whatever is holding you back – to get what you want.  The challenge is to figure out how to do this successfully.

Breaking through whatever holds us back is the key to real and sustainable personal growth.  And just one old mindset or behavior that no longer serves us is most often what stands in our way.  A proven method for breakthrough is what is necessary to make the leap forward to the success we desire.

Professionals who take advantage of expert support to break through to their personal and professional goals are enjoying higher salaries or income, more leadership recognition, a greater feeling of contribution, and significant personal fulfillment.  They are living more of their potential!

Since 1980, Patti Cotton has been working with successful emerging and experienced executives and other key decision-makers around the globe to meet their goals through increasing their potential. After working with Patti, these professionals report greater fulfillment, better performance, and higher profitability.  Patti and her team have a solid record of success that proves our approach works.  It can work for you, as well.

Please browse this website for detailed information on how you can break through whatever is holding you back to enjoy more of your potential.  And make sure you get our free report, “Five Ways Executives Play It Small – And How To Play A Bigger Game!”

Learn about the successful professionals Patti works with and the issues they face by clicking here.


“Who coaches the CEO? I coach everyone else. Having a coach who helps you see things from multiple perspectives, who has been there and done that so she understands, who can help me sift through, prioritize, strategize, vision, and take this to action – priceless!”
Who Coaches the CEO?, W.F.; CEO, Healthcare
Trusting my instincts about decision-making was difficult with the changes we had experienced at our firm. After working with Patti, I have much greater confidence in my instincts and my judgment, which has resulted in a greater efficiency in my team and improved the quality of our service.
Trusting My Instincts, N.C.; Director of Operations, Transportation Firm
I used to struggle when asking for money – philanthropic gifts, and sales. I was fearful, embarrassed, and worried about rejection. After working with Patti, I am now confident and at ease in asking for what I want – all the time. I am receiving the support I need and now being considered for a promotion!
I Used To Struggle, J.C.; Executive Director, Non-profit Organization
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